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From Washington: President Trump's Miraculously Return To The RNC

Extra: A Witness Recounts The Trump Rally Shooting

Investigators have been looking into what led up to the deadly shooting at the trump rally last Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania, as more people come forward to share what it was like to be there.   Madison Godwin spent several hours at the Butler Farm Show Grounds, arriving before lunchtime and waiting with many others in heat in the 90s for the rally that didn't start until 6 pm.   Just minutes into the event, a gunman opened fire, injuring Former President Trump and killing a rally attendee.   Earlier this week, Madison Godwin spoke with the FOX News Rundown’s Tonya J. Powers about what she saw that horrifying evening.   She recounted the timeline she remembered and told me why it was odd to see all the coverage of something she had witnessed firsthand.   It was a busy news week, and we could not get this interview on the FOX News Rundown during the week.   On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire conversation with Madison Godwin and hear her story about what happened just a week ago in Butler, Pennsylvania.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From Washington: How GOP Found Unity In Milwaukee

We look back at this week's Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We begin by running through the biggest moments of the first and second nights, including President Trump’s first public appearance since nearly being assassinated just days before at Pennsylvania, Ohio Senator JD Vance being picked as the GOP vice presidential nominee, and former Ambassador Nikki Haley pledging her support for Trump.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Why Today's Global Outage Should Be A Warning To The World

The largest IT outage in history happened on Friday morning, after a faulty software update from cybersecurity company CrowdStrike left Microsoft computers across the country heavily disrupted. Airports were forced to ground flights, with major businesses, banks, hospitals, and offices putting their essential work on hold as Microsoft rushed to resolve the widespread issue. Michael Balboni, a former New York Homeland Security Advisor and the Managing Director of RedLand Strategies joins FOX's Eben Brown to discuss how a software malfunction like this may give terrorists and bad actors inspiration about attacking vulnerabilities in the US’s cyber infrastructure. Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Business Rundown: President Trump's Ambitious Plans For Lower Prices & Biden Campaign Uncertainty

The former President pitched fresh economic policies on the final night of the RNC; in this same speech, he also expressed gratitude that he survived and called for unity in America after his near-assassination last Saturday. The Trump-Vance economic agenda is quite the laundry list: higher tariffs on China, tax cuts for Americans, deregulation, energy independence, and more. His policy ambitions even have Big Tech leaders in Silicon Valley reportedly warming up to the idea of a second Trump administration. FOX Business Correspondent Kelly O’Grady speaks with FBN’s White House Correspondent Edward Lawrence about all this and the wave of uncertainty as Democrats’ calls for President Biden to drop out of the 2024 race continue to grow louder. Photo Credit: AP Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

RNC Day 4: President Trump Accepts The Nomination After Assassination Attempt

The tone of night four of the Republican National Convention was one of unity and humility from former President Donald Trump, just days after the assassination attempt that left him wounded. President Trump addressed the nation with an introduction by UFC President Dana White and began his speech by recounting his near-death experience at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, this past week. FOX News Radio Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar and FOX News Radio Washington Correspondent Jared Halpern discuss how the President's speech landed with the audience, his policy ambitions for his second administration, and what comes next in the constantly-shifting 2024 landscape. Many questions still remain regarding President Trump's would-be assassin. Almost a week later, investigators are struggling to pinpoint the shooter's motives. One way law enforcement plans to figure out what went on inside twenty-year-old Thomas Matthew Crook's head is by gathering information from his personal devices. Retired FBI Special Agent John Iannarelli joins the podcast to break down the different ways the FBI can access a suspect's device and the ways criminals typically communicate with each other. Plus, commentary from Will Cain, host of "The Will Cain Show." Photo Credit: AP Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Donald Trump Speaks At The RNC

Former President Donald Trump, on the final night of the Republican National Convention, will give his first speech since the assassination attempt on his life just days ago. Trump is said to have ripped up a planned speech and is now expected to plead for national unity. Meanwhile, calls by Democrats for President Biden to drop out of the race are increasing exponentially and are being made by high ranking members of the party. FOX’s Jared Halpern speaks with Shannon Bream, anchor of 'FOX News Sunday', about the highly anticipated Trump speech, what to expect from it and will President Biden remain the Democrats candidate? Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

RNC Day 3: VP Pick JD Vance Pitches An 'America First' Vision

The theme of night three of the Republican National Convention was 'Make America Strong Again.' The guest list reflected that, with a group of Gold Star families who spoke, demanding accountability from the Biden administration for their loved ones who were killed in the Afghanistan withdrawal. The keynote speaker of the night was newly-minted Vice Presidential nominee JD Vance, as he laid out an "America First" vision for the next four years. FOX News Radio Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar and FOX News Radio Washington Correspondent Jared Halpern join the Rundown to discuss if the message of America’s weakness under President Biden was effective, and they analyze the success of Senator Vance's first big moment in the campaign. Despite his campaign's efforts to distance President Joe Biden from his disastrous debate performance last month, some Democrats still call for the incumbent to drop out of the 2024 race. On Wednesday, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) joined the calls for Biden to end his campaign, fearing he'd lose and stating that it "would undermine democracy" if President Trump was elected again. Recent polls indicate that nearly two-thirds of voters also think President Biden should stop running for re-election and are not confident in his mental capacity. Co-host of The Five and former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford Jr. joins to describe why he agrees with lawmakers who feel Biden should step aside and who he thinks would be a better replacement. Plus, commentary from the host of “Tomi Lahren is Fearless on Outkick,” Tomi Lahren. Photo Credit: AP Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Unity At The Republican Convention Following Assassination Attempt

Party unity has become the focus at the Republican National Convention following the deadly but failed attempt to assassinate Former President Donald Trump just days ago. Even former former rivals of Donald Trump, including Nikki Haley and Governor Ron DeSantis, offered their praise of him as they urge fellow Republicans to come together to defeat President Biden. FOX’s John Saucier speaks with Republican Congressman Jason Smith, who represents Missouri's District 8 and is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in Milwaukee for the convention, shares the party unity on display at the Republican National Convention and his thoughts on Donald Trump's pick for his vice-presidential running mate, JD Vance. Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

RNC Day 2: Former GOP Rivals Back President Trump In Show Of Unity

The theme of night two of the Republican National Convention was safety, but it quickly became about party unity. Former 2024 rivals of President Trump, like Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, appeared on stage to put their support behind their Republican nominee. The original theme was not completely lost, as everyday Americans like the family of Rachel Morin, a mother killed by an illegal migrant, had their chance to share their experience with America's crime crisis. FOX News Radio's Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar and FOX News Radio Washington Correspondent Jared Halpern join the Rundown to share their reaction to the show of unity and how the safety and security message may resonate with voters. Nearly four days after former President Donald Trump narrowly escaped assassination, federal investigators are still trying to piece together the security failures that led to a gunman being able to get multiple shots off at Saturday's rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. However, new reports indicate that the Secret Service ramped up security after receiving intelligence about an Iranian plot to assassinate Trump. So, what went wrong? Former Secret Service agent Tim Miller explains the importance of proper sight assessments and why the former president's security detail needs to be held accountable for their mistake. Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla.” Photo Credit: AP Learn more about your ad choices. Visit