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The Border Crisis Isn't Over, Warns GOP

Evening Edition: Oil Prices Rise After Saudi Arabia Announces Production Cut

Saudi Arabia announced over the weekend they will be voluntarily cutting oil output by a million barrels a day. Other OPEC nations also agreed to production cuts causing oil prices to rise immediately. FOX's John Saucier speaks with Jeff Flock, FOX Business Network Correspondent, about the impact of the Saudis decision and reaction from the White House.   Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

‘So Many Loopholes. . .It’ll Give You Whiplash’: Rep. Mace Talks Voting ‘No’ On Debt Ceiling Bill

After weeks of debate between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden, the two leaders have reached a consensus on the debt ceiling deal — with the President officially signing it into law over the weekend. The deal left both Democrats and Republicans feeling a mix of emotions, but outside of Washington, many are asking if it will serve the American people. Though every leader on Capitol Hill may respond differently, South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace believes the answer is no. Rep. Mace joins the Rundown to explain why she believes “Republicans got nothing” in the debt ceiling deal and how it may cause higher inflation and continued excess spending out of the White House. She also discusses the current investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings and why she believes the FBI & DOJ need to do their job to investigate instead of ‘stonewalling’ the House Oversight Committee’s attempt to get to the truth. Artificial intelligence continues to rapidly expand, as many are eager to innovate fast and claim the next big breakthrough. A recent incident sparked international media attention after a U.S. Air Force Colonel discussed a ” thought experiment” about an AI military drone disregarding orders and killing its own human operator. Officials were quick to clarify that this scenario of a rogue AI drone was hypothetical, but it has reignited fears that the technology is developing too quickly and, due to its potential threat to humanity, must be regulated. Congressman and Marine Corps veteran Seth Moulton (D-MA) joins the Rundown for a discussion about how AI could become a vital tool of the United States military in the future, the danger of America’s adversaries getting ahold of the technology first, and the proposed fiscal year 2024 military budget. Plus, commentary from Outkick’s Tomi Lahren. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Extra: A Vet's Tribute to the Service Dog Who Saved His Life

Retired Marine Cole Lyle has experienced the same nightmares, depression, and anxiety attacks that plague many veterans after returning from serving their country. Tragically, studies show many vets who experience these debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder often take their own lives. After losing friends and battling suicidal thoughts himself, Cole Lyle, who now serves as the President of the Working Warrior Foundation, has committed himself to providing his fellow veterans with the resources and support they need to recover. Just before this past Memorial Day, Lyle joined the Rundown's Chris Foster to discuss the different ways Americans can take meaningful action to help veterans. He later opened up about his personal struggles and the final days he spent with his late service dog Kaya, who helped him cope with his PTSD and inspired him to create 'Kaya's K9s,' which seeks to help veterans in need of veterinary assistance for service dogs.  Due to time limitations, we could not include the entire conversation in the FOX News Rundown segment that ran this week. On the FOX News Rundown Extra, you will hear our entire unedited interview with retired Marine Cole Lyle and his work with vets and the legacy of Kaya. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From Washington: Presidential Candidates Eye Iowa Ahead Of Republican Primary

Iowa, in recent years, has proven to not be predictive of the eventual Republican nominee, however, the state continues to hold a unique role in sizing up the presidential field. Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis both travelled to Iowa this past week to ramp up support in the key early-voting state. Trump has continued to dominate the polls and many consider Governor DeSantis to be his most fierce competitor. President of KAConsulting LLC, Fox News Contributor and former campaign manager and Senior Counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway joins the podcast for a discussion about the DeSantis's campaign strategies, why Trump continues to poll very high, and why voters are sick of hearing about 2020.  On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal labor law did not protect unionized employees of a concrete mixing and pouring company from liability for damages they caused during a strike. The employer argued that they suffered substantial monetary losses due to abandoned, wet concrete becoming unusable. Law Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General and author of the Book The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Supreme Court, John Yoo, joins the podcast to break down the details of the case, explain why Supreme Court narrowed the protections of the Clean Water Act, and preview the two affirmative action cases many are anxiously awaiting the high court to rule on before the end of its term. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Extra: Former CDC Director: "The Great Pandemic" Is Coming ... and We're Not Ready

After all of COVID-19's catastrophic impacts, we may not want to think about an even deadlier pandemic. However, the former director of the CDC fears the "great pandemic" is yet to come. Dr. Robert Redfield, who ran the CDC from 2018-2021, says he is greatly concerned about the bird flu and how gain-of-function could one day spark an outbreak that could kill millions more humans than the coronavirus. He recently joined the FOX News Rundown's Lisa Brady to discuss those fears and why he thinks our government and health institutions are not yet ready for another pandemic. Lisa Brady also spoke with public health expert and Johns Hopkins University Professor Dr. Marty Makary about Dr. Redfield's warning, the current avian flu killing millions of birds, and how public health officials must rebuild the public's damaged trust after COVID-19. Due to time limitations, we could not include the entire conversations with both Dr. Redfield and Dr. Makary in the FOX News Rundown segment that ran this week. Today's FOX News Rundown Extra includes our unedited interviews with both health experts, and you'll hear everything they had to say about the bird flu outbreak, the risks posed by gain-of-function, and the world's lack of preparedness. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

From Washington: A Divided Government Reaches A Debt Limit Deal

In a bipartisan 63-36 vote, the Senate passed a debt limit package, bringing an end to the ongoing stalemate on negotiations. The compromised legislation contains concessions from both parties, suspending the debt limit into 2025 while also setting new caps on discretionary spending. The deal comes just days before the country was expected to default on its debt, which some experts say would've yielded catastrophic economic consequences. FOX Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram explains the contents of the bill, the threats to Speaker McCarthy's leadership, and what the bipartisan compromise means for the divided government.   House members Veronica Escobar (D-TX) and Maria Salazar (R-FL) are spearheading a new bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill this year titled the Dignity Act, with the odds against them because despite many attempts, this kind of reform has fallen short over the past several decades. FOX News Correspondent Griff Jenkins weighs in on the probability that this bill could pass both the House and the Senate.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Meteorologists Have The Final Say In Rocket Launches

Cape Canaveral, in Florida, is the country's busiest space port sending off spacecrafts from NASA, Space-X and others and if you ever wondered who gives the ok for the launch, they may not be who you expected. It is a group of meteorologists from 'Space Force's 45th Weather Squadron' and before a launch is a go, they give the yes or no. FOX's Alex Hogan speaks with Brian Cizek, Launch Weather Officer with Space Force's 45th Weather Squadron, who says you can blame his team for canceling that rocket launch you looked forward to watching. Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Senator Cruz's Push To Save AM Radio

After several automakers announced plans to remove AM radios from electric cars moving forward, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) sprung into action to introduce legislation to save consumers' ability to tune into AM stations. Working alongside Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Senator Cruz created the "AM for Every Vehicle Act," which has gained popular bipartisan support in Congress. Senator Cruz joins the podcast to share how AM radio remains an important tool for communicating during emergencies and his suspicion that the push to end AM radio was targeting conservative voices. Later, he explains how Democrats' excessive spending led to the national debt growing out of control and gives his thoughts on the 2024 election thus far.  Amid a week of debt ceiling debate in Washington, more Republican candidates like former Vice President Pence, former Governor Chris Christie, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum have teased they will soon be entering the GOP primary race. FOX News Sunday host Shannon Bream joins the podcast to discuss why so many GOP candidates are entering the primary race, why the positivity on the campaign trail will inevitably end with the gloves coming off, and how important Iowa will be for crowning the leading candidates. Later, she weighs in on the surprising momentum behind President Biden's primary challengers, how House Speaker McCarthy navigated the debt ceiling negotiations, and what the latest Supreme Court ruling means for unions. Plus, commentary by Fox News Medical Contributor and author of "Panic Attack," Dr. Nicole Saphier. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Evening Edition: Netanyahu Says All Options Available To Prevent A Nuclear Iran

The nuclear watchdog group, the IAEA, released a report today that has resolved a pair of disputes with Iran's nuclear program but not everyone believes the answers given by Tehran. Also, new satellite images show Iran looks to be building a new underground nuclear facility and Israel again reiterates their intentions of never letting their biggest enemy develop a bomb. FOX's Eben Brown spoke with Trey Yingst, FOX News Mideast Correspondent in Jerusalem, about the report and Israeli reaction to it.   Click Here To Follow 'The FOX News Rundown: Evening Edition' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit