As a holistic advisor, Linda Gardner focuses on discovering what keeps you awake at night.  What are your needs, goals, and hopes for retirement?  Then she searches for the best solutions and helps you evaluate them.  Together you’ll create a plan that’s uniquely yours and provides you with a sleep-at-night portfolio.  Holding a Series 65 securities license means that she has a fiduciary responsibility toward her clients – always keeping their best interest in mind. 

Linda is a member of National Ethics Association, Women’s Estate Planning Council, MDRT, American Association for Long Term Care, and Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Advisor Group.  Linda also holds a Colorado Life and Health Insurance license.

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Investment Advisory Services offered by Linda Gardner through Brookstone Capital Management, LLC, (BCM) a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Blue Heron Capital, LLC and BCM are independent of each other.

Will Your Money Last?

Excited to Retire

When you think about retiring are you excited about your next chapter…or are you thinking that’s just what comes next in the cycle of life. Or, maybe you’re just happy to leave your job behind without any thought of what comes next.  Whatever you’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time to re-fire! And make the rest of your life the best it can possibly be!

Answers for Senior Care with Juliana Young

It’s 7:00 on a Friday evening and you just met with the doctor who told you she’s releasing your mom from the hospital first thing Saturday morning. Mom still needs a lot of care and she can’t go back to her home. Where do you start? What do you do next? Who are you going to call this late on a Friday evening? This can happen to anyone! 

Questions You Should Be Asked

Does your advisor ever ask to look at your tax return? Does your advisor ask you about your potential for longevity, your health and your retirement goals? And, does your advisor explain things like sequence of returns and how that could impact your retirement future?  If not… why not?

What Keeps You Up At Night

Will your money will inflation, future taxes and healthcare expenses impact your retirement? Will your loved ones be financially ok when you’re gone? Do you know where your retirement income is actually coming from? If questions like these are keeping you awake at night, you’re not alone! The good news is that there are some great strategies to help you relax!

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

You might think you work well under pressure, but just-in-time estate planning is the last thing you’ll want to do! It’s critically important and, you want to get it right! We'll disclose 6 key mistakes to avoid.

Saver's Dilemma

How do you balance growth with protection in your retirement portfolio? Too much in growth can be risky…Yet, too much in protection may not last long enough! Can you design a retirement plan that allows you to do both?
with Joel Cavaliere CFP TM

Index or fixed annuities are not designed for short term investments and may be subject to caps, restrictions, fees and surrender charges as described in the annuity contract. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuer. Please refer to our firm brochure, the ADV 2A Item 4, for additional information.

Cracking Your Nest Egg

You’ve spent your entire career working hard and building up your nest egg to eventually use for retirement. When it comes time to crack the nest egg, are you ready for it? Distribution is a much different mindset and process than accumulation, and mistakes at this point can be costly. So, we’ll talk about why a well-thought-out retirement plan can help you reduce the risk and set you up for your successful retirement journey. Joining in this discussion is financial advisor Zach Roberts.

Retirement Myths & Mistakes

There is a wealth of informal advice readily available whenever you face major retirement planning decisions. Questions such as when to begin Social Security or which retirement accounts to withdraw from first lead to lots of myths and misinformation. 
Joel Cavaliere CFP TM will participate in addressing these topics.

Important Things to Consider Before Retirement

Thinking of retiring? There are important things to consider before taking that big step!  We’ll share what you need to know before you decide to ride off into your next chapter.