Dr. Fauci Is Coming for Your Children

CLAY: As we are rolling through the program here, continues to be craziness that is coming out of Dr. Fauci. We talked to yesterday about the NIH and how Fauci, if you remember Rand Paul called him out and said that our taxpayers were funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, in their labs. That now basically 100 percent confirmed despite the fact that so many people out there in the media continue to defend Dr. Fauci. In fact, that this is not a bigger story than it actually is is a testament to tablet of many different media outlets out there to decide to choose narrative over truth and over importance.

But one fact that is readily apparent and is substantially important and goes directly to where covid might be going in the United States right now is situations taking place in England. England has basically been wide open since mid- to late summer. And as we talked about earlier this week, they only have gone over 50,000 covid cases, despite the fact that a vast majority of the adult English population is vaccinated. And this is why the number one question that I would ask Dr. Fauci if we had him on the show, if he were willing to do it instead of continuing to dodge us, is, how do you explain the situation that is going on right now in England, if we can vaccinate our way out of this pandemic, how in the world can you explain the data in England?

Well, he actually got asked about that English data ’cause you can’t deny it now. It’s over 70% of people that are dying with covid in England are double vaccinated now. That’s a staggering statistic, but I want to repeat it for all of you now. Over 70% of the people who are dying with covid in the United Kingdom right now are double vaccinated. How do you explain that, Dr. Fauci was asked. This was his answer. Play 13 I think we have that audio. And again, it goes to — it goes to the larger issue associated with Fauci not being trustworthy. It is actually cut 11. My bad.

FAUCI: I spoke with my British colleagues just several days ago trying to find what that’s all about. It’s at least partially explained by the fact that they don’t vaccinate their children, the younger children. And what we’re seeing is spread among children which for the most part, at least 50% is without symptoms but children are then spreading it to members of the family so they’re seeing people getting infected. So right now they’re reexamining what their policy is gonna be about vaccinating children.

BUCK: I mean he’s delusional or he’s a liar.

CLAY: Maybe both.

BUCK: By the way, we know he’s a liar already because of the gain-of-function research statements he’s made before Congress, because he said masks don’t work, when they actually don’t work but as we know, he then said they do work because that became the fundamental, you know, religious act of the Fauciites was the mask wearing ’cause people were terrified, and they didn’t want the health establishment didn’t want to say, “We don’t really have much we can do to help you. Sorry. So wear a mask. You’ll be unsafe. Wash your hands. You’ll be safe.” That’s what they told you. So we know Fauci’s a liar. But, Clay, all of a sudden now, children are responsible? We’ve been told the whole pandemic children don’t really spread this very easily.

CLAY: Which is accurate.

BUCK: Which has been true by all the data we’ve known about, everything we’ve seen, and this was universally understood to be the case. In fact, a year ago when they were still, or a little more than a year ago now, 14 months ago when there were conversations about whether we should open up the schools for the school year it was always, well, kids are at low risk and also, by the way, they really don’t seem to transmit there to adults. So Fauci falls back, notice how he says, oh, a part of it, there’s a part of it, a little tiny bit, a little speck, if you will, a little droplet of truth. And of course there’s a part of it. I’m sure there are a few kids who pass it to a few adults. But the number that you brought up, I don’t think anybody can really process this yet here, right? It just seems like that can’t be real.

If the U.K. is having, in this country right now we have, I’m looking at the data, the current data from the CDC, they’re saying 1500 deaths on average a day as of October 21st so as of yesterday. If the U.K. is having, you know, let’s say half that, I don’t know what the U.K. death data is and 70% of the people dying are fully vaccinated, that means that now the last thing they were telling you about the vaccines, oh, they’re super, super effective at preventing disease and spread of disease. Okay. Well, they’re pretty effective at preventing disease and threat, okay. Will they actually stop you from getting it and going to the hospital and maybe dying? That’s the last layer. If it turns out that the vaccines fade so much that you’re essentially on your own in terms of your immunity six months after getting the shot, that’s dramatically different from what they told us, and it means or it would indicate that we’re heading into a really rough winter period.

CLAY: And that everything they’ve told us is gonna be proven wrong. And Fauci is still trying to stick to and certainly Biden is this idea that if everybody were vaccinated, covid would basically have gone away. Initially Biden said, hey, if we just wore masks for a hundred days, covid would go away. Total lie. Then Biden came out and he said, “Well, guys, listen. If you get vaccinated for covid, you won’t die from covid.” Total lie. People are dying, including, unfortunately, Colin Powell. Lots of people around the world are dying after double vaccination. And the data out of England reflects what I believe is going to, unfortunately, be true in the United States as well, which is covid is not going away and in fact in the winter there’s going to be a huge number of people who are dying who are double vaccinated.

BUCK: And this also means that if, unless there’s a major breakthrough and some real changes in the efficacy of this new mRNA vaccine technology, this winter is the one where we figure out whether or not the way forward according to the Fauciites is that this is now every year like a flu season where the government makes you get a shot and the government shuts down businesses as it sees fit or has social distancing or masking or any of these things and it becomes a forever thing.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: This winter will determine whether covid becomes a forever problem or not based upon largely, I think, our reaction to it. And we’re gonna have to see what’s reflected in the data. But don’t ever forget that what they told you in May, everybody, was you get the shot, you’re done. Just the concept of fully vaccinated. How could that ever have been a thing if really what they meant was you’re gonna have to get another vaccine in six months and then another one after that in six months? Didn’t know what they were doing.

CLAY: Which is what they are basically saying now and they’re saying they’re gonna potentially change the definition of what “fully vaccinated” means to require you to get your boosters or else you don’t qualify as fully vaccinated.

BUCK: And I feel like Fauci also here doesn’t address the fundamental question, keeps talking about how effective the vaccines are for kids. Play twelve.

FAUCI: Well, I hope not. I mean, that’s one of the reasons why we want to make sure that we outreach to the parents with trusted messages, particularly some of the most trusted messages are the family pediatrician, who most parents have a good deal of confidence in. And we’re trying to get people to realize it is for the benefit of the children as well for the entire family unit to get the child vaccinated. The vaccinations and the vaccines in question are highly, highly effective and safe.

So there’s really no reason not to. But it is understandable how some patients may be hesitant, and that’s the reason why we’re reaching out to them and making the vaccine readily available in pediatric offices, in children’s hospitals, in community centers.

BUCK: How can you talk about a vaccine being highly effective, Clay, when they’re clearly leaky at some level, people can get and spread even after being vaccinated. That’s already been proven. But beyond that we’ve talked about the one-in-a-million risk. So how effective can a vaccine be when without the vaccine your chance of dying is one in a million?

CLAY: It’s the number one question. It’s why I’m not getting my kids vaccinated. It’s why a lot of people out there are not getting our kids the covid vaccine. Again I think we have to stop calling it the covid vaccine, personally. It’s a covid shot. It’s like a flu shot. It’s a protective shot that provides limited protection. But this is not measles, mumps, rubella. It’s not even chicken pox. It doesn’t eliminate your chances effectively of getting this virus at all and according to the English data it doesn’t even eliminate your chances of dying.

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