CDC to Change Definition of “Fully Vaccinated”?

CLAY: Just now the CDC came out and said they’re going to potentially have to change their definition of what “fully vaccinated”is —

BUCK: Of course.

CLAY: — for people who are gonna be getting the boosters. In other words, you’re not eventually fully vaccinated if you got your two-shot regimen, you’re gonna not count. You’re gonna have to get the boosters.

BUCK: At some point it does become exhausting when we keep saying, this is what they’re going to do, and then all the Fauciites say, no, we’re not, no, we’re not. And then a month or two or three later they do the thing that we have said here on the show they’re going to do because we understand the nature of what they are and what they want. And then they turn around and say, yeah, but whatever, shut up and do it. That’s basically the continuous argument.

And there’s a reason why they won’t admit where things are going because this is so much now driven by politics and they’re hoping to do everything incrementally so people don’t notice that they, one, have been told things that are untrue, right? If you tell people things that turn out to be untrue a few months later, that is a little bit easier to spin than if you tell them one thing one week and the other thing the next week. But, Clay, if we’re gonna now say booster, the reality is that if you are not fully vaccinated after two of these shots, there is no such thing ever as fully vaccinated except on a temporary basis, meaning you are vaccinated for now. We are heading toward forever shots.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: There’s no reason to believe otherwise. In fact, more likely than not we’re heading toward need to keep getting the shots and maybe the shots will become less effective over time, not more effective.

CLAY: It’s gonna be the flu shot. And we don’t call it, I know some people out there gonna, it’s not called the flu vaccine in common parlance. We call it the flu shot ’cause it doesn’t work a hundred percent effective. This is the covid shot. Not the covid vaccine. It’s the covid shot.

By the way, we’ve been talking about the challenges going on. Maybe we’ll hit this in a little bit because Joe Manchin, we need to discuss this later in the show, Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders have been going toe-to-toe over what’s gonna happen in the budget reconciliation bill. And I’m not sure, Buck, that there’s actually going to be anything that happens ’cause Manchin has said for a while now, hey, I’m fine just doing nothing for several months. And Bernie Sanders wants six trillion. Joe Manchin said he’s comfortable with zero. And so, Buck, this drama, I know they were hoping to close it out kind of and announce they have a deal, but in his town hall Joe Biden announced that there was now not going to be a tax increase ’cause Senator Kyrsten Sinema has been opposed to it for corporate, individual, and capital gains taxes.

So they’re scrambling to trying to figure out how to pay for this thing. And I don’t recall think they know the answer, and I’m not sure they’re gonna be able to get to an agreement by October 31st, which is the new deadline about a month later than the original deadline.

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