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Ron Johnson’s Warning: The Vaxxed Are Dying in Israel, U.K.

CLAY: Yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin was on with us. And he had some really interesting things to say about the data basically you’re not hearing on any other show almost in the country when you consider what is being said and what you’re being told. In particular, you’re being told that if you get the vaccine, you have virtually no risk to covid.

That’s what you’re being told right now by the Biden administration, by Dr. Fauci, by very many health experts out there. But if you look ahead to England and you look ahead to Israel, the data is actually a lot more alarming. Listen to Ron Johnson yesterday talking about the most recent data from England and who is dying with covid.

JOHNSON: It doesn’t look like the vaccine’s holding up very well against Delta. The most recent technical brief by Public Health England shows that overall in 2021, 70% of deaths were in partially or fully vaccinated individuals, 30% on the unvaxxed. The most recent time, August 2nd to September 21st, it’s about 74% in fully vaccinated verses 26% in the unvaxxed. So, again, that’s unfortunate. I wish, I hope — God, I wish — the vaccines were 100% effective, 100% safe, but it doesn’t appear they are.

CLAY: That’s a pretty big deal, Buck. And again, I don’t want to slide over this. We talk about using England and Israel as data for where we are headed, because they have a more vaccinated country than we do. Most recent data in England: 76% of people dying with covid are vaccinated?

BUCK: Yeah.

CLAY: That’s earth-shattering.

BUCK: By the way, because of the way he said it, he made it sound like… He means the 70% from the U.K. data is over that time period that he mentioned afterwards. It would not be 70% fully vaccinated from the beginning of this year. So just to be clear. He was transitioning there because I checked up on this later.

Let’s just take that for a moment what Senator Ron Johnson said. And others have pointed this out too. The last bastion of Fauciism when it comes to the vaccine — and when I say Fauciism, I mean, of, “oh, but he was right,” or, “oh, he’s got a point,” is it prevents severe disease and death, right? Severe hospitalization essentially.

That’s what we’re gonna talk to David Zweig about here in a few minutes in depth. But if the vaccines fade as we know, they keep saying, “Oh, it doesn’t stand up well against the Delta variant.” Well, and that makes sense because as we know vaccines evolve and can get were around variants but also we know that vaccines lose their potency over time.

The most recent data seems to suggest that what was maybe a 95% or 90% potency, Clay, drops over four months or six months or whatever it may be to more like 60 — which starts to feel very much like the efficacy of flu vaccines year in and year out.

CLAY: Which we don’t really call a vaccine. We call it a flu shot. Yeah. This should basically be called a covid shot.

BUCK: Also, they don’t want people to get confused. You get a vaccine you think you’re good.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: You get a polio vaccine you’re not worried about getting polio in five years, 10 years.

CLAY: Or measles, mumps, rubella, all the things they want to compare this to.

BUCK: Correct. Yet with this one, they keep using the vaccine term when therapeutic is what this looks like, a short-term antibody boost that can be… Look, we’ve always said this and I feel like we have to keep repeating it. If you’re at high risk and you have concerns, I think it makes sense to get the shot, and I think it might even make sense to get the booster if you’re 65 and up.

You’ve gotta make those decisions for yourself. I don’t believe in the mandates, obviously, but I can see how that would make sense. I mean, the fact that they’re now talking about doing this for kids… I’m sure you saw this New York Times piece that’s been pulled parties by those who actually know the data.

There’s an overt campaign now pretty much, you can see it where they are attempting to overstate the risk to children. They keep saying, “Oh, kids have had a big surge in hospitalizations.” It’s still a very small amount of children overall and a tiny percentage of children hospitalized who get covid.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: Tiny. This is like if you’re in a community, let’s say, where you have one homicide a year, right? Let’s say you live in a town — and, by the way, I’m sure there are a lot of people listening to who have been in their town of 50,000 or something, there might be one homicide a year. Well, if you have a year where you have two homicides?

You could have huge headlines about a 100% increase in murders. And you’d get everyone all freaked out, but it’s not really indicative of a huge change in the crime scenario because the numbers still low. That is what they are doing overall with children’s hospitalization in order to justify the mandate to get them the shot.

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