Biles Saga Overshadowed by Athletic Excellence

Usually, it’s dramatic wins that make headlines as the biggest Olympics stories. But Clay and Buck noted that this week it was U.S. star gymnast Simone Biles stepping away and her emotional words about her mental health concerns.

Until today.

Eighteen-year-old Minnesotan Suni Lee, who said in an interview, “I’m just super proud of myself for making it here, because there was a point in time when I wanted to quit,” won gold in the women’s all-around gymnastics final – being able to shine in spite of and partially because of the hole left by Biles’ abrupt mid-competition departure.

C&B said it’s a difficult balance, which they also discussed on the show today with Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), a retired college football coach.

Buck said, he himself has “mixed feelings” and had to balance his own thinking on the issues brought up by Biles, knowing that “there should be no stigma for anybody ever who wants to seek mental health… but that athletes making decisions affect the team.”

“Mental health is important,” agreed bestselling sports author Clay. “But so is being mentally tough, right? So, there’s a balancing act there, between both of those. Because the best champions in the world have to be both physically incredibly tough, and also insanely mentally active, in order to get champions and championships. And continue to dominate. So, the one thing I don’t think we talk enough about, surrounding Simone Biles, is how every one of her teammates, with really no notice to speak of, had to step up their game.”

Listen here for more of the provocative Olympic discussion – and congratulations to, as Clay said, the now “greatest Olympic gymnast in the world” Suni Lee – from Team C&B:

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