Woke Virus Infects Elite Med Schools

Though calling someone “stupid” isn’t usually expected at elite medical schools, both Clay and Buck used the descriptor for those spreading the woke virus that is infecting many of those institutions.

Clay said that due to the unstoppable woke virus (and possible resulting lack of funding), professors, in fact, are “afraid of their students,” which is leading to a loss of freedom of speech from the faculty, even among those with “cushy jobs” at ivy league universities.

Introducing the current controversy, Buck incredulously asked, “Can you say the word ‘woman’ in woke medical schools without having the mob come after you? They’re asking is there such a thing as men and women!”

The issue arose when students argued that their medical professors, as well as physicians in general, should not use the “offensive” term “pregnant woman,” since, they “ridiculously,” as Clay said, contended that men, too, can become pregnant.

They gave a nod to Bari Weiss, who in a viral resignation letter quit her op-ed position at the New York Times due to the woke bullying that she received, and introduced the preposterous pregnancy proposition in her uncensored Substack articles.

Buck said, although he and Clay are not medical professors, he’d be willing “to bet all the money in the world” that only women can get pregnant. “Let’s face it,” Clay added, “Women have babies: It’s biology itself that is sexist! Men and women are different. This is madness on an epic scale!”

Some do speak out, such as Douglas Murray, British political commentator, of whom C&B played a fiery sound bite. The author, who has written previously about “pregnant trans men” and health care, was outraged that students can come into medical school thinking that it is women who become pregnant, but leave thinking men can become pregnant.

This is par for the course (medical and all others) since we are now living in a society where Facebook fact-checks opinion and no longer just concrete facts, Clay complained. “This all comes from a place of rejecting the truth,” Buck concurred. “’Your words make me feel unsafe.’ That’s what erodes free speech.”

What’s the impact of this? Clay wondered. Buck chimed in, “Bad medical outcomes? You bet!” And then described one where an overweight man who said he was pregnant came into a busy emergency room and robbed crucial time with his woke words rather than the truth.

Clay said the overall sickness is that this is just the latest proof that “science is broken in this country.”

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