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Bill O’Reilly: White House LIES are creating a ‘TURNING POINT’ in America

The biggest story for the week for Bill O’Reilly is Karine Jean-Pierre. Why? Because, thanks to Fox New’s Peter Doocy, the White House Press Secretary recently was caught in even MORE lies — this time about President Biden visiting the border. Americans are becoming numb to the lies our politicians continue to spew. O’Reilly predicts — because of the sheer dishonesty — America is now facing a ‘turning point.'

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GLENN: So tell me, what is the biggest story of the week?

BILL: All right. And you're going to think this is very strange. But it isn't strange, when I explain it. The biggest story of the week is Karine Jean-Pierre. You know she gets out there in a press conference. And there's Peter Doocy, the only contrarian. Well, there may be two or thee. You've never heard of them. They're way in the back. But Doocy is there to shake out the Biden administration. That's what his job is.

So he's not there as an objective reporter. He's up there to shake them off. Like Sam Donaldson was for Reagan. And it's a tradition.

GLENN: Ellen Thomas.

BILL: And Doocy does a very good job. Peter Doocy. So he sits there and he says, you think President Biden is going to go to the border?

And Karine Jean-Pierre looks at him, goes, he's already been at the border.

But he hasn't. He hasn't gone to the border as president or vice president.

So everybody is looking around. And then Doocy follows up and goes, well, can you tell us what -- at least none of us know. It's not on the records. It's not on the White House logs. Not on the Secret Service logs. Then she launches into this ridiculous BS, which she does every day.

Now, I've been saying to myself, I've been in this almost 50 years, as a child prodigy, 8 years old, writing Scripture, Walter Kronkite.

GLENN: Right.

BILL: But I've never seen that before.

I've never seen. I mean, that's just a lie. That's not spin.

You know I started the no-spin zone. I do the No Spin News now on BillO'

This is my concept, that spin comes out of political precincts, every single day. And the job of a journalist, is to knock it down. This is not spin. This is Karine Jean-Pierre, being paid by the White House. Paid every day. Lying to the world. There's not two sides to the story.

It's not like she's not lying.

So shouldn't that be on every single page one of the newspapers, in America?

GLENN: Sure.

BILL: Shouldn't that be incorporated into the Nightly News casts?

GLENN: But I think people, Bill, have been so beaten down on all sides. They just know you're being lied to, and they don't care.

BILL: That's true. People are numb to this. And I'm not talking about the folks. But when you have a press, that doesn't report, the historical occurrence, like this. This is history. All right? We all know that these people are full of BS. And they do what they're told to do, because they want to have money, and they get paid. But when a White House is basically lying, you know and they don't have any shame of that. They don't care. So what's the difference, I ask you, Beck, between the United States apparatus of information distribution, and Putin?

GLENN: I don't think anything. I mean, other than Putin will actually have some reporters killed. But I don't think anything.

Well, no. Let me give you another -- I think many people in the press, are afraid to say anything for their safety in Russia. Here, most of our press is gleefully joining in.

BILL: Yeah. They don't care. So I wrote a message of the day, outlining why this is an important situation for history. And this is a turning point now. So before it was spin. Before we knew you know it was all this. Okay. But now it's, hey. We're just going to lie. We don't care. We're going to lie. And once you start lying about going to the border, then you can start lying about everything. Which, you know the Biden administration has walked that line ever since he went into office. And they don't really care.

And to me, really, really a turning point in the culture of this country.

GLENN: We are also, I think at the most dangerous time, in my lifetime, to be a Jewish person.

In most places, in the world, including the United States.

This Kanye West thing that happened yesterday. Did you pay attention to that at all?

BILL: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did. The Kanye West thing falls under Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity. He has lost his mind.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

BILL: Okay? And you know that book Chronicles these hugely famous people, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali, and how they got crushed by their fame. This is exactly what's happening to Kanye West. Exactly. All right?

GLENN: Yeah. I think it's a mixture of exactly what you say in your book. You know with the people that are just expunging off of you, introducing themselves into your life, taking you way off track.

BILL: Right.

GLENN: And clinical insanity. This guy is --

BILL: He's over the line.

GLENN: Yeah. He's over the line.

BILL: Right.

GLENN: And he is medically treatable, and he's not apparently taking his medication. And this is -- this is -- this is what insanity looks like.

BILL: Well, I use the word delusional. Look, Kanye West knows nothing about the Third Reich. I mean, he didn't read Killing the SS. I mean, he doesn't know anything.

He, for whatever reason, okay? Has gone into a delusional world, where whatever Kanye West says is right. All right?

And there are a lot of people on this planet in that world. Okay? So do I pay attention to Kanye West? I do when it elevates into, he's having supper with Trump. Huge mistake, by the way. Oh, my God.

GLENN: Yeah, big mistake.

BILL: And it really reflects on Trump's staff too.

GLENN: Yeah, on his staff more than anything else. However, I don't blame Trump, he didn't know what Kanye was going to say or do.

BILL: But he is -- with Trump, and, you know, I know him really well. Is, if you like Trump, then he likes you. Kanye West, African-American, big-time entertainer, saying good things about Trump, then Trump's going to have supper with you. That's what it is.

GLENN: Right.

BILL: But Trump didn't pay attention to Fuentes coming in.

He didn't know who he was. I don't even think Trump knows what Kanye West is peddling out there by -- on this anti-Semitism. I don't think he knows.

GLENN: No, I don't think so. No, I don't think so.

BILL: But he should. He's got to. He's got to stop.

You know, if he wants to be reelected and his chances now are below 50 percent, I would say -- I would put them at 35 percent and falling.


BILL: If he wants to make a comeback in this area, he has to discipline up.

GLENN: Before we go -- before we go there. Let me take you back to one of your messages of the day, I think it was yesterday. And you talked about Mayorkas, warning that the far right anti-Semites might be planning an attack on Jews and other minority -- minority groups.

What's this about?

BILL: Well, with -- as soon as -- and remember, Biden doesn't run any of this at the White House.

It's not like he's sitting around. Going, let's do A and B. He's just way above it. Oblivious. He's out with Jill. Looking at the Christmas lights. Okay?

He's eating escargot with Macron. He doesn't know what's happening day to day. But as soon as the White House saw this unbelievable error with Trump dining, they said, okay. We're going to issue a warning. That far right people are going to kill Jews.


And that's what -- and Mayorkas got the call. Put out a warning. And he did!

So let's exploit this. Now, my point was, they've been looking for these far right loons, for two years. Okay?

And outside of January 6th, they haven't been able to find them. Okay?

So I'm not sure, that this is -- I can't say that this could never happen. It could. There are violent people on the right. That would hurt Jews.

GLENN: And who the left -- let's not forget. The guy who is now the --

PAT: Yeah. Absolutely. You're right. Thank you for making --

GLENN: Yeah. Let's not forget all the members of Congress, that have hung out with Louis Farrakhan. And also, the -- the new lead for the minority in Congress.

Replacing Nancy Pelosi. He's not exactly Jewish friendly.

BILL: No. Because it ties into the narrative on progressive left. The far left. That the Jewish state is oppressive and fascist. And they get hosed. That's what it's all about. Go ahead.

GLENN: All right. Take me to, why did the New York Times keep Sam Bankman-Fried on their schedule?

And -- and also, Stephanopoulos having him on.

I think this is a whitewashing of his reputation.

BILL: First of all, Beck, do you feel sorry for anybody who lost their money in the crypto?

GLENN: No. I feel bad for people who had their money stolen by him. Yeah.

BILL: Immingles. I said very early on, because we do a smart live segment every night on BillO' on the No Spin News. And I got letters. What about crypto?

What about this? And I said, you would have to be blanking insane. To invest in that.

GLENN: Well, then I'm insane.

BILL: Did you really?

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

BILL: You invested in crypto?

GLENN: Oh. And made -- made a lot of money.

BILL: You made money before it crashed?

STU: Remember, this crash, Bill, is still above the bubble from 2018. If you --

GLENN: Yeah. I invested in '15? '14?

STU: Yeah. If you got in early enough.

GLENN: I have a long way to go, before I lose money.

BILL: Boy, you're lucky.

GLENN: Yeah, well, you don't invest in FTX. That's the ding. You know, and that was not bitcoin.

BILL: Listen, the whole concept is not grounded in reality. It's grounded in this grift, that you get something hot. You push it on the internet. People get excited. You attach things to it.

GLENN: That's Dogecoin. That's what --

BILL: Dogecoin.

GLENN: That's what he was doing too. He was playing with these made-up coins. That's completely -- that's completely different.

Anyway, this guy was a huge donor.

BILL: To the Democrats.

GLENN: To the Democrats. Number two behind George Soros.

BILL: Right. Yeah.

GLENN: Ken Lay was arrested right away. Bernie Madoff was in jail in 24 hours. What is happening here?

BILL: Well, this is because he's in the Bahamas. That's what he's shielding him. And, you know, he's paid off everybody in the Bahamas. So they're going to protect him.

Now, why the FBI hasn't sworn out a warrant because obviously this grift goes across state lines.

GLENN: And international.

BILL: I don't know if it's millions. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost everything. But the message to me is two-fold. Number one, that if this idiot -- and you just have to see him one time. And you go, I'm not going to this guy. I'm not giving him any money.

GLENN: Oh, I know. Especially his girlfriend.

BILL: Yeah. I'm not going to get involved with business with these people. I would rather give my money to Daffy Duck. What is this? Just one look. Okay?

GLENN: Right.

BILL: But if this guy were a Trump supporter. If this crypto guy were a Trump supporter.

GLENN: Doomed. Doomed.

BILL: The noose would already be around his neck.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

BILL: But I don't think it's a conspiracy or anything like that. I think Stephanopoulos --

GLENN: That's the way it works.

BILL: -- is desperate for ratings. You know, if I could get this guy on the No Spin News, if you get him on the Glenn Beck Program, you take him. Because, you know, you chop him up. But, you know, at this point, in this world, I mean, you have to respect your money. You have to guard it. In my opinion.

So, anyway, when I was following it, I was going, well, I warned everybody. But look at this.

GLENN: So let me ask you: There's a couple of things regarding media.

In fact, I have to take a break. I'm running so break. Hang on just a second, Bill. Back in one minute. LifeLock gives you the courage that you didn't know you needed. You didn't know you would have somebody try to take all the things that you have, including your ID. Everything we have pretty much is online. The regular world and armed society, is a safer society, in the online world, people are armed with cyber criminals, you know and you're sitting there. You're not a a cyber criminal. What do I have?

You need somebody on your side. That is fighting that battle for you. Every single day. We do everything online. 25 percent off a subscription to the protection that I, my wife, and my kids have. LifeLock. LifeLock. No one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions. But I think these guys are the best in the business. And that's why I've had them for about 20 years. Twenty-five percent off your first year with promo code Beck. 1-800-LifeLock. 1-800-LifeLock or Promo code Beck. Ten-second station ID.


GLENN: Bill, we're going to have to race through a couple of things. You see CNN has laid off all kinds of people. They have apparently not learned their lesson. The media, NBC, will still not explain what happened to the reporter on the Paul Pelosi story. That's not explained.

And their ratings are just going down and down and down. GMA is literally celebrating the fact that two of their hosts are having an affair on their spouses. And they're like, it's good for ratings.

BILL: Look, we've talked about this before. It's over for television news. It's over. And independent contractors like you and me are the beneficiaries of that. Because people don't trust them anymore. Why would you watch this stuff when, you know, it's just BS. They're not telling you the truth. And they're not even fun people to watch. Is anybody saying, you know I have to watch George Stephanopoulos, you know this guy is great? Has anybody ever said that? I don't think so.

GLENN: Yeah. Let me take you to China quickly. What's going to happen there?

BILL: Uh-oh. This is great for America. I believe in God and I think God looks out for the good things in America. So now, Xi, Mr. Bluster, you know, strutting around, we're going to do what we want, he's in dire trouble. Because you don't come back from, you better not come out of your house, and if you do, you're going to disappear. You don't come back from that. So now the Chinese people, who don't have much, anyway, unless you're a businessman in Shanghai or Beijing. But if you're out in the countryside, you have nothing. They can't even come out of the house. And this is causing unbelievable personal angst. Which is not going to go away. That's what you want. You want China to basically disintegrating from within.

GLENN: Yeah, they're rooting and helping us disintegrate from within.

BILL: Yeah. They're trying to push it, but Iran is the same way. You shoot down a young woman because she's not wearing a burqa properly, people aren't going to forget that.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: So these are good things for let's say the free world.

GLENN: For the free world. Not necessarily for our economy, if they spiral out of control.

BILL: Yeah. But we don't need them, Beck. We don't need them.

GLENN: We do until we start building our resources here.

BILL: I have to tell you, I don't care what happens to Apple. I don't care.

GLENN: No. Neither do I.

But if they take Taiwan or Taiwan goes down, China goes down, there are no computer chips that are made. Not nearly enough. Everything now has a computer chip in it. And if we don't start making them here ourselves, we're going to be in trouble. But that goes for everything. Bill thank you so much for being on.

BillO' Make sure you join him every night for the No Spin News. At BillO'

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