Kadarius Toney Shares Another IG Live After Being Inactive For Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs

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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney once again went live on Instagram during the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl LVIII celebration after being ruled inactive for the game.

Toney, who was criticized for a controversial Instagram live video during the AFC Championship Game, filmed his celebration with teammates after the Chiefs' 25-22 overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers. The former Florida had previously shared a profanity-laced rant that many deemed as a shot at the team, but this time was seen in a much more positive mood.

(WARNING: The video below contains foul language).

Toney had previously denied that a profanity-filled rant in which he said "I'm not hurt" while ruled out of the AFC Championship Game was directed at the Chiefs organization, rather fans of his original NFL team, the New York Giants, during Super Bowl LVIIII Opening Night at Allegiant Stadium on Monday (February 5) via NFL Network.

"I never attacked the Chiefs, never said anything about the Chiefs," Toney said. "Who I was referring to was the Giants fans and the people in my comments, my comment box, not even on my live recording, so you wouldn't even know they were there. But I was referring to them, which I shouldn't have. I just wanted to go out there. I just wanted to get my message across as far as my injury, but I shouldn't have did that at the end of the day. I'm a man and I can accept my mistakes just like I accept my wins. I'm just moving past that right now. We're trying to go out and trying to win [the Super Bowl]."

Toney was ruled inactive due to a hip injury and personal reasons for the birth of his daughter and went on an expletive-laden rant during an Instagram Live on the day of the AFC Championship Game.

“Y’all reading all this cap-a** s**? You didn’t believe it, I don’t give a f***,” Toney said. “Ain’t never been a n**** to do all that but man, that s*** cap.

“I’m not hurt. None of that s***. Save that s***. S*** my d*** too. I’m not hurt. None of that. It goes from hip to ankle to this to that.”

Toney hasn't played since the Chiefs' Week 15 win against the New England Patriots when he bobbled a pass that led to an interception, the latest of his yearlong struggles, which also included standing offsides during a would-be touchdown during a loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 14.

Toney was acquired by the Chiefs in a trade with the Giants in October 2022. The former Florida standout was selected by the Giants at No. 20 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft but has failed to live up to his first-round expectations through his first three seasons.

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