Here's The Best Coffee Shop In Colorado

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Coffee can be a great jump start to your day, but where you drink it is also important. Coffee shops have become hubs for workers, get-togethers with friends, or a relaxing vibe for everyone. While premier destinations like Seattle and Portland come to mind when thinking about the black stuff, every city and town has a local shop dedicated to serving you delicious brews.

That's why Tasting Table found every state's best coffee shop. The website states, "To answer this mouth-burning question we talked to locals all over the country, hit the road, and, yes, even consulted some experts on the internet. What we found was that no matter where you are in America, there's a place that's giving you a better, more local experience than a big national chain."

According to writers, Colorado's top coffee shop is Thump Coffee! Here's why it was chosen:

"Though Thump came to the Mile High City from Bend, Oregon, it's made itself an indispensable part of the Denver coffee scene, thanks mostly to its rich selection of coffees and quirky quotes above the coffee bar. Though the standard coffee drinks are solid, do yourself a favor and order one of their custom roasts like the North Fork, which offers hints of citrus and chocolate in each sip. No matter what your order, Thump is a craft coffee shop that doesn't take itself too seriously. And for that, we'd go here over anywhere in Colorado."

You can find Thump at 1201 E 13th Ave. in Denver.

Curious out other states' best coffee shops? Check out the full list on Tasting Table's website.

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