This Is The Most Unique Hotel In Colorado

entrance of luxury hotel

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Hotels can be just as important as the vacation you're taking. Depending on their amenities, they can really elevate your trip or become a vital part of it. There are plenty of lodgings that go above and beyond to make guests never want to go home.

If you've ever been curious about these special accommodations, Thrillist has you covered. They found the "coolest" hotels, inns, and lodges in the country:

"Some you’ll need to head underwater or underground to reach; some are essentially bougie summer camps; others are straight-up helicopters. But every last one of them are unique in a way you’ll happily write home about."

According to the website, the most unique hotel in Colorado is...

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park!

Writers explain why they chose this fascinating hotel:

"Colorado's got plenty of luxurious mountain resorts, but there's only one so awesome it inspired Stephen King to write 200,000 words about it. This spot (named for the same guy who founded Stanley Steamer) is the hotel from The Shining, and while you might not run into a bartender who tells you to kill your family, there are enough rumored ghost stories in this place to make it a bonafide haunted landmark."

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