CIA Says Mysterious 'Havana Syndrome' Unlikely Caused By Foreign Nation


Photo: Getty Images

The Central Intelligence Agency has determined that the mysterious illness that has left hundreds of U.S. diplomats and officials around the world suffering from hearing and vision loss, headaches, and nausea is unlikely the result of a campaign by a foreign nation.

After a lengthy investigation into the cause of the illness, known as "Havana Syndrome," the CIA found that a majority of the cases were caused by environmental factors, undiagnosed medical conditions, and stress. However, the agency is still investigating about two dozen cases and has not ruled out that they may have been caused by the actions of a foreign nation.

"While we have reached some significant interim findings, we are not done," CIA Director William J. Burns said in a statement. "We will continue the mission to investigate these incidents and provide access to world-class care for those who need it."

The victims who have suffered from "Havana Syndrome" were disappointed in the results of the comprehensive study.

"The CIA's newly issued report may be labeled 'interim' and it may leave open the door for some alternative explanation in some cases, but to scores of dedicated public servants, their families, and their colleagues, it has a ring of finality and repudiation," they said in a statement.

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