Iowa Officially Gives Pete Buttigieg The Largest Delegate Count

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Campaigns In New Hampshire Ahead Of Primary

Nearly a week after the Iowa caucuses, the state's Democratic party has awarded delegates based on the results. The party announced it would award 14 delegates to Pete Buttigieg and 12 to Bernie Sanders based on the results it had collected. Elizabeth Warren will receive 8 delegates, while Joe Biden will get 6, and Amy Klobuchar will receive a single delegate.

The Democratic party has been trying to sort out the votes after an issue with a new app that was being used to report the results. The party did not declare a winner after the caucuses were finished and has been scrambling to recheck the results and determine the winner. Party officials blamed a coding error in the new app for the issue and said that it has been fixed. Even so, the Nevada Democratic Party announced they would not be using the app for their caucuses on February 22.

Sanders has questioned the results and asked for a "partial" recanvass in certain precincts due to irregularities in the delegate calculations.

The candidates are in New Hampshire, making one final appeal to voters ahead of Tuesday's (February 11) primary.

Photo: Getty Images

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