E-Cigarettes Change Blood Vessels After Just One Use: Study

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A new study has found that the chemicals in e-cigarettes can have a negative impact on blood vessel function in healthy people. The study found that the heat from the e-cigarette turns the compounds into toxic particles which can damage your blood vessels. The researchers were unable to determine which chemicals are responsible for causing a decrease in blood flow.

The scientists conducted MRIs on 31 people who smoke e-cigarettes but not traditional cigarettes and found that after smoking, which consisted of 16 three-second drags on a vape pen, the blood flow to their femoral artery decreased by 17.5% and their blood vessels had constricted by 34%.

The researchers are warning that e-cigarettes are not as safe as many people claim.

"E-cigarettes are advertised as not harmful, and many e-cigarette users are convinced that they are just inhaling water vapor," said lead study author Dr. Alessandra Caporale. "But the solvents, flavorings, and additives in the liquid base, after vaporization, expose users to multiple insults to the respiratory tract and blood vessels."

While the blood vessels return to normal after vaping, the researchers are worried about the long-term effects on people's cardiovascular health.

"I would warn young people to not even get started using e-cigarettes. The common belief is that the nicotine is what is toxic, but we have found that dangers exist, independent of nicotine," said one of the study's principal investigators Dr. Felix Wehrl.

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