President Biden Announces New Gun Control Measures

President Joe Biden unveiled a slate of new executive actions and legislative proposals on gun control during a speech from the Rose Garden at the White House on Thursday (April 8).

"Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment," Biden said. "They're phony arguments suggesting these are Second Amendment rights at stake with what we're talking about. But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute."

Biden's actions targeted "ghost guns," which are kits that can be bought legally and assembled into functioning weapons. Because the kits are not considered a functioning firearm by the government, they do not contain serial numbers, making them untraceable. He tasked the Justice Department with proposing a rule in the next 30 days to "stop the proliferation" of "ghost guns." He said he wants the kits to be considered firearms and come with serial numbers. He also wants to make buyers undergo a background check before purchasing.

He also directed the Justice Department to propose new regulations on stabilizing braces that can be attached to pistols. Gun control advocates argue that the braces make pistols more like rifles without being subject to the same regulations. Biden said he wants pistols with the braces to be subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act.

Biden also asked the Justice Department to create a model "red flag" law that states can follow when crafting their own laws. "Red flag" laws make it easier for family members or law enforcement to petition courts to temporarily confiscate guns from somebody who may be a threat to themselves or others.

President Biden also urged the Senate to pass a series of gun control measures that have already been passed by the House of Representatives. Those bills include a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, expanded background checks, and eliminate the immunity that gun manufacturers receive if weapons they legally sold are used in a crime.

"We should also eliminate gun manufacturers from the immunity they receive from the Congress," Biden said.

"This is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued," he continued. "If I get one thing on my list... give me that one because I tell you what there would be a come to the Lord moment these folks would have real quickly."

Photo: Getty Images